Small tattoo

12 Mar


I carry around a story,
on my foot a small tattoo.
Graceful lines engraved in skin,
they tell a story that is true.

Many miles through space,
my favorite tale in ink.
Making me feel close to you,
a forever lasting link.

When missing you is hard,
I watch my small tattoo.
A little token for us alone,
saying how much I love you.

            – Iza-


Breathe him

4 Nov


I’m walking.
Through city streets and country sites.
My thoughts never far from yours.
I miss you.

I’m sleeping.
Dreaming of your strong arms holding me tight.
The lime tree never too far to reach.
I feel you.

I’m thinking.
My mind lingers through future land.
Our purposes and love so aligned.
I need you.

I’m loving.
Never have I felt loved like this before.
My strong, beautiful, amazing soulmate.
I breathe you.

Last night

2 Oct

I married you last night.
We married in my dream.
You looked amazing in your suit,
you called me your queen.

All the guests were excited,
waiting for the bride.
When we said our wedding vows,
we weren’t the only ones who cried.

We stood there together,
in front of family and friends.
I told you I love you so much,
we both knew what that meant.

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Creative brothers

29 Sep

pierce brothers







Even though Spotify has slowly taken over my life in music, this summer there were several moments I realized how thankful I am for radio stations! Radio 3fm – which to me is thé station in the Netherlands for new and original music from all kinds of genres – surprised me big time with a live performance of the Pierce Brothers.

Every morning  in the radio show of DJ Giel Beelen (live@Giel), artists are invited and challenged by not only playing a few of their original song, but also a cover. As you might have guessed by now I am a sucker for family business, so when heard the cover of Lorde’s song ‘Tennis Court’ mixed with a bit of Calvin Harris ánd heard it was played and sang by two brothers, it totally made my morning.

Guys, check it out!


I am a little

28 Sep


I am a little curious.
Wanting to know all about you while repeating your words inside my head.
I am a little curious, curious about you.

I am a little crazy.
Dancing your footsteps in the sand pretending you swing me round and round.
I am a little crazy, crazy for you.

I am a little playful.
Tracing invisible lines in the air where your body is supposed to be.
I am a little playful, playful with you.

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Lion’s roar

13 Sep


There are certain things in life,
every being on earth will strive – for survival they seem needed at the time.

We all want big houses and big cars,
blame failure on your body and mind full of scars – generation on generation it’s just the way we do.

In the end we’ve all been there,
we choose whether to act or stand still and stare – trillions of years and lives already have gone by.

This makes me wonder who am I,
so many people in the world who cry – I say no to silence and object defeat.

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In her eyes

4 Sep


Suddenly in her eyes I stare.
Flashing back to me truth or dare.
She challenges me, ‘do you care?’
Her eyes, a color oh so rare.

What is her path, what is her story?
Will she fight for her rights and glory?
Has she become a victim of some quarry,
or has life falsely become her memento mori?

To me she is beautiful, shining like a diamond.
Please tell me she’s ok, not forever silent.
I postulate she’s a college girl, working on a big assignment.
Happy in in life, for nothing she has to be frightened.

For the second time, in her eyes I stare.
‘Yes little girl, I do care’.

– Iza –

Queen in your kingdom

27 Aug


Your arms, your smell, your skin,
your soulful eyes I’m sinking in.
Your nose, your hair, your back,
my eyes are ready to unpack.

Your walk, your talk, your smile,
your perfect fitting lifestyle.
Your taste, your humor, your grace,
I can for always stay in your embrace.

Your laughter, your space, your impingement,
your always present engagement.
Your body, your safety, your cheerfulness,
in your arms I feel like a princes.
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Dear rain…

26 Aug

Rain <3

Dear Rain,
Did you know you make my hair look funny,
you are making me soaking wet.
I know I shouldn’t bother,
but how can my friend light his cigarette?

Dear Rain,
My newly bought shoes are damaged,
you seem unable to stop pouring down.
Look what you do to this poor couple,
you’re completely destroying her wedding gown!

Dear Rain,
In some countries you are a plague,
in others you are dearly missed.
Can’t you divide yourself a little better,
or would that be too much to insist?

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Blijf nog even..

24 Jul

In addition to my post yesterday evening, I’d like to share with you a beautiful way to express grief.
Dutch rapper Myrt knew one of the victims of the flight MH17 that crashed in the Ukraine today one week ago (17th of July).
He used his emotions to write a song for his friend and all other victims of the plane crash.

I know it’s in Dutch, but the emotion behind it feels universal to me so I’d like to share it with you anyway.
Here is a link to his soundcloud version..


and a short movie of ‘Blijf nog even..’ at one of the Dutch radio programs;
Thank you Myrd Schenk. You gave this grief a melody.