In my world

3 Dec


I think it’s wrong to judge people, by their skin or by their skull.
I think it’s wrong to discriminate species, whether tiger or seagull.

In my mind all deserve their space on earth, we all want to breathe in life.
I mean let’s face it, the biggest force behind it, is the wish to survive.

But why are most of us so serious, so negative and down?
When did we forget that life is a game, and happiness the crown!

Of course I don’t close my eyes to the horror and despair.
I know for a lot of us, it is pure darkness in which they stare.

So people who are doing well, let us be pulling the cart.
With knowledge in our minds and joy in our hearts, that for now could be a start.

Stick out your helping hand, its okay if it is one by one.
As long as we stick together, show the world that living equals fun!

Maybe I’m too optimistic in my view, people say “forget it, it’s too late Hon”.
Well not in my universe my friends, because in my world it can be done!

– Iza –


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