21st of Febuary

21 Feb


On this 21st of February,
so close but yet so far away.
I wish you health, joy and happiness,
for your 66st birthday!

We have not always been,
best friends in our pasts.
But I do know now,
a father – daughter bond lasts.

I think we’ll always have to work,
to make this bond succeed.
But its okay, I’ll do my part with joy,
cause love I’ll always need.

So today i’m not sending you a letter,
to point out the wrongs to you.
Today I sent you, on your birthday,
a poem that is true.

I want to tell you that I’m happy,
that we have fun and hardly ever shout.
That we recovered patience and understanding,
this ARC makes me proud.

The more I learn about the mind,
the more I truly see.
That you have your own demons to fight,
that the real target was never really me.

So dad, I tell you this today,
be happy and feel free.
Challenge yourself and play loads of games,
one of them s’called you and me!


Your daughter


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