13 Apr


Blinking eyes in the morning sun,
the sun heats up his skin.
Welcome to the world mother said,
this is where the story begins.

He’s staggering for a while,
trying to get on his feet.
The others start preparing,
move before the sun will heat.

His mom is slowly pressing,
to get him on all fours.
He knows that he will follow,
she’s the one that he adores.

The ground feels like its rumbling,
running through the fields.
Their energy moves like one,
their body’s used as shields.

Once a prince was born,
Raven was his name.
Black as the dark night,
known for the king he became.

Raven became older,
following his dad.
Became the leader of the herd,
everyone was glad.

For several years he guided them,
one with nature in the wild.
All remained together,
until he met a human child.

That day he was wandering,
near the river all alone.
Then he heard her calling,
she was a long way from home.

Although he never saw,
a creature like that before.
His heart was ripped apart,
the screams he could not ignore.

He waded in the water,
pushed away his fears.
She wrapped herself around his neck,
covering his coat with tears.

Safely they reached the shore,
both we’re soaking wet.
The girl held on exhausted,
of all the tears she had shed.

Although this was a creature,
Raven’s nature did not trust.
He kept carrying her weight,
bring her home eagle said, you must.

He and the child traveled,
together through rain and snow.
Raven missed his family,
but he knew he had to go.

They stood up against all danger,
from land and from above.
In the months that followed
all that grew was love.

And when after what felt like forever,
the humans, they’d finally found.
He knew he wouldn’t leave her,
he knew he’d stick around.

In the years that followed,
he defied what he had feared.
Humans learned to trust him,
and more of his kind appeared.

The girl became a queen,
known for her good heart.
Always in company of a great black stallion,
they never were apart.

It was then on a clear midnight,
when the woman heard the sound.
A low and soft neighing, underneath her window,
it was her friend she’d found.

Although she had pushed the thought away,
she knew the time had come.
She pulled herself together,
and walked with him along.

One hand on his skinny shoulder,
both their grey hair seemed suspending.
On a peaceful open patch of grass,
she knew his life would be ending.

As they sat there in the grass,
her friend laid down his head.
In harmony his heartbeat stopped,
she cried as she knew that he was dead.

That night she prayed and thanked mother earth,
because she’d sent her this magical friend,
She knew from here on men and horses would be together,
this was just the beginning and clearly not the end.

~   Iza   ~


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