Just a dream

5 Jun


Razor blades fly through the sky and all that I can think is why.
Why are these so sharp and can they fly.

I tug my head deep in the field and use your arms as a shield.
Then realize that you’re not really here.

In panic I shout out your name but the situation stays the same.
So I keep running through these strains of grain.

I start to feel pretty far from fine.
My heart beat says I’m running out of time.
This life of mine is losing all its shine.

Leave me alone I cry out.
But it doesn’t matter how hard I shout.
So I cry to these razor blades out loud.

Blood and sweat drips down my nose.
The end of my life is pretty close.
No way out my vision shows.

Just when I make my final scream,
through my eyelids shines a small light beam
and relieved I realize it was just a dream.

– Iza –


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