Like a rodeo

21 Jul


They say life is like a rodeo, you never know where it will go.
Flying high, flying low, swirling as the river flows.
Life is like a rodeo.

But if you could have the reigns in hand, go back and forth on your command,
decide yourself where you will land, all fear and counter effort withstand.
Now wouldn’t that be extremely grand?

I’d like to think that yes we can, life doesn’t have to be a secret plan.
But don’t sit back and wait for the Holy Land or get healed by the medicine man.
Take the lead and make a stand.

The answers are all there in front of you, waiting patiently for you to look through.
Don’t just see them as untrue, blindly accepting the public’s view.
In this hunt for truth you’ll have to pursue.

So if life seems a rodeo, remember you chose where to go.
Flying high, flying low, you have the power to ride the show,
because after all it is your rodeo.

– Iza –

Girl & Horse 2


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