The Dutch grieve

23 Jul

Today the Netherlands grieved and welcomed home the first 40 people that were killed in the MH17 plane crash last week.

Everywhere you go, one can feel that people are connected and are there for each other.

My deepest condolances to all family members and friends of the victims. My respect to all the ministers of the Netherlands, who are so well in communication with the Dutch and all other countries. To the King and the Queen who stand beside their people and for all others who are helping or showing their respect.

It is a horrible and black day in the Dutch history, but it does show how strong a country can be when all its people stand beside each other.
Today I am proud to be Dutch.

To all victims I’d like to say,

I am so sorry you all had to go so soon, you will be missed and rememberd. Good luck on your next journey’s.


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