Dear rain…

26 Aug

Rain <3

Dear Rain,
Did you know you make my hair look funny,
you are making me soaking wet.
I know I shouldn’t bother,
but how can my friend light his cigarette?

Dear Rain,
My newly bought shoes are damaged,
you seem unable to stop pouring down.
Look what you do to this poor couple,
you’re completely destroying her wedding gown!

Dear Rain,
In some countries you are a plague,
in others you are dearly missed.
Can’t you divide yourself a little better,
or would that be too much to insist?

Dear Rain,
In some places you are a welcome shower,
in others you kill all you touch.
Here in Holland we learn to deal with you,
when thinking of rain one thinks of the Dutch.

Dear Rain,
Many wish that you would go,
on a long and far away holiday.
But when farmers announce a failing yield,
Oh how we all wish that you would stay.

Dear Rain,
I am deeply sorry for using you as a reason,
to be moody and to be annoyed.
I’d like to change my viewpoint and see,
like the Sahara after drought, completely overjoyed.

Dear Rain,
Seeing the beautiful paradox that you are,
I will try to appreciate every time you break through.
I will teach my children to dance in your pearls,
to laugh and simply say thank you.


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