Welcome to my blog!
In writers land I go by Iza and I’m happy to meet you here.
I am a young, passionate woman with Dutch, Swiss and Italian roots.
For years I have studied Animal care & management and have fallen in love with the world, looking at it through its flora and fauna.

The last years of my life I have gotten into contact with Scientology, an unique, amazing ‘Scientific Religion’ which has brought me more knowledge, understanding, joy, happiness and best friends then I could ever express on paper. I am very happy to spent a lot of my time learning about life and learning how to help others and I am proud to be a part of an incredible group of human beings.

So passion in life I find in people and animals, but also in singing and writing.
My goal in live is to help and inspire others. Whether it are animals or humans,
I feel it is our duty to be there for each other in many different ways and thereby taking responsibility for all beings and thereby for our planet which is our home.
I believe that we can only do this by learning truth, by respecting and loving each other and by being in communication.

The reason I tell you a bit about me is not to persuade you to do something or to change your mind, it’s just there for you to read. For you to get the bigger picture of what it is that brought me here and for you to possibly be inspired.
In my search for answers I meet many people, read many things and try to observe and experience things up close and personal.
If, during this adventure, I find something that has the potential to be of any use to someone, I try to share it with you.

I hope you like reading the words on this blog, that together form sentences, that together, hopefully form a good, colorful message.
If there is anything that in turn, you think would inspire me, please sent me a message, I would love to read it 🙂


– Iza –



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