When writing songs, one does not only write with words but also with melody and rhythm. I love it when a song speaks to me. But what exactly is it in a song, that catches ones attention? For me it’s more then the lyrics and sounds. It’s also the artist behind it. What do they stand for? What is he or she trying to say? Did the artist wrote the song him or herself? Is it original?

And then ofcourse we have this thing called ‘taste’.
Why do some genres speak to you and others don’t? And why is it that every now and then, this specific tune, in this specific genre that you absolutely do not like, gives you goosebumps?
A song for example can be cheesy, but is cheesy bad? Isn’t love one of the most important things in life? So what makes a cheesy song good and what not?

What I’ve learned in the past couple of years is that this is very very different for each person. Baring this in mind, I will not try to become a music whisperer for all souls on this planet. What I will do is share songs that cross(ed) my path and that have caught my attention – with that hoping to share the joy and inspiration gained from them.

So next to sharing poems and other written materials, I want to use this blog for sharing musical inspiration. You can find all music related posts in the category ‘music’.

Feel free to write your opinion and share music yourself!



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